A Ruby on Rails web application, SPRKY is a collaborative project as a capstone project for the Firehose Project. The application fully implements chess logic including determining check and checkmate, allowing en passant moves and pawn promotion. Players can maintain multiple games and send email game invitations to others.

Extensive use of data attributes communicates game information to the browser allowing javascript validation (preventing a player from moving out of turn, preventing the selection of a game square that doesn’t have a piece) and passing of relevant piece information through AJAX calls. Firebase API was used to allow real-time game refresh for each player upon the other player’s move.

Gems: devise, bourbon/neat/bitters, rubocop, simple_form, firebase, new_relic, byebug and factory_girl


Time Bottler

A project management and time tracking app built with Ruby on Rails.

Gems: devise, angularjs, jquery-rails, simple_form, boostrap-sass, jquery-minicolors-rails, awesome_print, byebug, quiet_assets, factory_girl

loomio – open source pull request
Wrote an RSpec test and made a minor modification to code to solve an issue for an open source project.


Online project for the Firehose Project, this Ruby on Rails site serves as a medium for sharing knowledge with others through video courses. Any user can create a course to teach, or enroll in an existing course. The app makes extensive use of nested resources and namespacing (course appearance and functionality are different for administrators and students), image and video uploading and resizing, payment integration and drag and drop sorting of lesson order with jQuery UI and Ranked Model.

Gems: fog, carrierwave, figaro, jquery-ui-rails, mini-magick, stripe, ranked-model, factory_girl, byebug

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